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Zhang YouLi: Managing partner, chief accountant, FCPA, CTA, CPA Australia  and Attorney at Law

Mr. Zhang used to be the Director of the Tax and Business Advisory Division of one of the ¡°Big Four¡±- Deloitte. His main job responsibility was to provide various business advisory services to foreign-invested enterprises and foreign enterprises and negotiate with tax authorities on behalf of the clients in respect to tax issues and resolve their tax disputes. His job also included joining investment negotiations on behalf of investors, drafting contracts, articles of association and agreements, preparing economic feasibility reports, helping foreign-invested enterprises and foreign enterprises with their restructuring projects like M&A, separation, liquidation, etc. Mr. Zhang once worked in an international accounting firm in Toronto, Canada for more than one year. He has the wealthy professional knowledge and practical ability to serve the enterprises or investment programs of multinational companies.

Mr. Zhang published a number of articles and thesis in various professional newspapers and magazines. He published his book of Liquidation of Foreign Invested Enterprises- Practices and Policies at Shanghai San Lian Bookstore

Mr. Zhang is one of the CPA in the early of 1980¡¯s when CPA in China were few in number. Meanwhile, he is one of the earliest licensed lawyers and certified tax agent of China.

Wang WeiWen: Partner and CPA

Mr. Wang is one of the founders whom set up Shanghai De¡¯An CPAs since 2002. Leading by Mr. Wang, Dean earns the great reputation according to the professional services provided to its client in the last decade.

Mr. Wang used to be the senior manager of the Tax and Business Advisory Division from one of the ¡°Big Four¡±-EY. His main job responsibility was to provide professional services to the clients in respect to corporate restructuring, tax planning, tax due diligence, statutory tax audit and helping clients correctly deal with tax inspection. He is experienced in company establishment, capital verification, foreign exchange inspection, due diligence, audit, IPO advice and drafting management proposal for chief executives of enterprises.

Mr. Wang has been engaged in audit, tax and business consulting job in a wide range of sectors such as manufacturing, trading, real estate development, high-tech service, supermarkets, banking and insurances. He is particularly experienced in M&A and restructuring of MNC and corporate value increase of private enterprises through reforming capital structure and strategy. He had ever engaged in accounting and management in a large state-owned enterprise for seven years before he entered the Big Four.

Mr. Wang is CPA who has great communication skills and good relationship with the tax bureau and negotiate with the tax bureau on behalf of the client.

In his career, he involved in negotiations for JV company, establishment, merger and termination, and he has great experiences on the effective communication and dispute resolution. Mr. Wang obtained certificates of the independent director from Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Zhou JianYing: Expert and CTA

Ms. Zhou has worked as the governmental servant in Shanghai National Tax Bureau for more than 15 years. During the life in tax bureau, she hold the leader title in Foreign Taxation Division, Operation Division and Audit Division respectively. During that period, Ms Zhou initialized and participated in enacting and implementing a series of tax policies, regulations and working processes of tax administration. It is worthy of being mentioned that she had successfully led and executed many tax cases such as transfer pricing investigation, tax treaty research and administrative reconsideration.

Ms. Zhou is accomplished in foreign-related tax laws and regulations, especially familiar with the tax policies of WaiGaoQiao Free Trade Zone. Furthermore, Ms. Zhou has rich theoretical accumulation and practical experience in the respects of tax liquidation and tax planning.

In year 2004, Ms Zhou joined Shanghai De'An CPAs as expert . Her job responsibility is to provide high-quality, customized and professional PRC tax service to multinational companies, local group companies and various enterprises and individuals.

Zhang ShuYi: Partner, CPA and CPA Australia

Mr. Zhang graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, majoring in accounting. He started the career from PWC, then join KPMG shanghai with final position as the senior manager, with accumulated over 12 years working experience in providing auditing and consulting services for Chinese listing companies and foreign invested companies.

Mr. Zhang has extensive experience in providing restructuring and planning services for listed companies and companies to be listed, and his main job responsibility also includes M&A and restructuring due diligence, auditing and other aspects of the work. Mr. Zhang used to be the team leader and signing CPA of lots of A shares, H shares or IPO projects. He also provides special audit/consulting services for many companies and funds (e.g. purchase date net asset identification, legal authentication assistance, fraud investigation assistance etc.), M&A consulting and tax services. He is also responsible for the post-investment deal management and provide financial advisory.

Mr. Zhang is CICPA and CPA Australia. Mr. Zhang provides guidance and direction on all kinds of projects providing valuable insights and knowledge of different industries given his unique insight on the issues or confusion enterprises are facing. In addition, he has in-depth understanding of both Chinese and International accounting standards and listing rules and regulations, and understand the investor¡¯s respective requirements and expectations, assisting them proactively respond to the fast changing business environment.


Sha Meng: Director, CPA and CTA


Sha Meng is the director of Shanghai De¡¯An Certified Taxation Agency Co., Ltd. For more than 20 years being a director with Japanese Department of Deloitte China, Ms. Sha has been rendering ofa large variety of professional services to fulfill the needs of the listed companies of Japan¡¯s investment in China, and same time, witnessing the growth and successfulness of those Japanese enterprises with the fast developing domestic markets.

Ms. Sha used to be studying and working in Tokyo for about 6 years. Nowadays, She still maintains close contacts and communication with the those management of Japanese listed companies and Deloitte¡¯s professional team as well. Therefore, She has extensive knowledge in the cultural differences between China and Japan and has accumulative working experience to provide cross broad professional services.

Sha Meng used to serve Daikin, Kao, Yakult, Nissin Foods, etc.

Lu Jianzhong : Expert  and CPA

Mr. Lu is one of the CPA in the early of 1980¡¯s who has been in the field of accounting, auditing theory and practice for 30 years. Before join the Dean, he was the audit partner from one of the ¡°Big Four¡±. He is one of the first CPA members. He is also a licensed independent director by China Securities Regulatory Commission and external director by Shanghai SASAC. He is a professor for MBA and MPAcc programs at Antai College of Economics & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Mr. Lu has extensive knowledge and experience in corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and public auditing & consulting. Over the past 25 years, he has played a key role in auditing, due diligence, internal control advisory, budgeting and management consulting for over a hundred public, foreign-funded, state-owned and private enterprises. He has published two books and eleven papers in accounting, auditing and management.

Lucy Chen: Director, CPA, FCCA

Lucy used to be an experienced manager in one of the ¡°Big-4¡± accounting firms. She has extensive experience in providing audit and business advisory services to foreign-invested enterprises, multinational corporations and pre-IPO companies. Such services include design of accounting and internal control policies, financial analysis, financing advisory, due diligence, IPO counseling and advisory, statutory audit and capital verification. Lucy has more than 10 years of experiences in rendering service to clients in a variety of industries, including finance, logistics, real estates, service and manufacturing industries.

She used to be the audit team leader and signing CPA of a number of well-known foreign banks and city commercial banks. She also participated in the counseling works of the first large state-owned commercial banks which listed in both Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Lucy is CICPA. In addition, she has in-depth knowledge in both IFRS and US GAAP. She provided old-to-new PRC GAAP conversion advisory services to many well-known foreign banks and national commercial banks.


Simon Soo: Expert , CPA Singapore, FCCA

Simon Soo has more than 10 years of experiences in investment advisory and risk management. He used to be an experienced manager in one of the ¡°Big-4¡± accounting firms. He has extensive experience in providing M&A advisory services to private equities, strategic investors and vendors. Such services include investment strategic planning, commercial due diligence, financial due diligence and other value-added closing and post-deal services. Simon renders services to clients in a variety of industries, including real estates, education, pharmaceutical, finance, service and manufacturing industries.

He used to be the due diligence team leader of a number of well-known international private equities acquisition projects. He also participated in a real estate deal worth billions in RMB, which was the largest real estate deal of the year in China. During his work in ¡°Big-4¡±, Simon was also responsible for preparing external publication relates to education industry and internal monthly newsletter relates to transport and logistics industries.

Simon was the Greater China Group Accountant and Risk Management Manager of a famous Singapore listed company. He gained extensive experience, involved and witnessed the development of foreign-invested retail industry in China.



Ms. Hou Xiaohua, Helen: Director technical,Q&RM, CICPA, CTA, ACCA


Being a member of CICPA, Helen has conducted her profession practice with two of the big 4 - Deloitte and E&Y for over 16 year.

During her 9 years¡¯ service in Deloitte Shanghai as an auditor, she has led a number of audit engagements for IPO, of listed companies and Muti-international co-operations as well as other non-audit service such as due diligence of large M&A transactions. She also worked in Deloitte Beijing, Hongkong and Guangzhou on short-term secondment.

Helen was a senior technical manager, with an ACCA membership, in PPD (professional practice director) and CMC (capital market center) of E&Y. She performed quality review for IPO projects and listed accounts (A+H), therefore closely studied the financial reporting and disclosure requirements for enterprises. She made efforts on full compliance of the accounting and auditing standards by the practice as well as developing various tools for implementation,e.g., illustrative financial statements for listing and non listed companies. She led the translation of EY Global Audit Methodology(GEM).As being a member of IFRS desk of EY Far-east Area, she also involved in dealing with various practical issues emerging from the convergence of the CAS (Chinese Accounting Standards) and IFRS. Furthermore, she wrote EY Column on a number of media including China Securities Journal and China Daily.

Helen has been identified as a member of the talent pool for inspection (2006-2007) by the Shanghai Institute of Certified Public Accountants.